Sonja Kristina is an enigmatic, sensual and soulful performer, who surrounds herself with original and inspiring musicians and produces albums that are emotional statements about her life and times. Quantcast Quantcast

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MASK is Sonja Kristina in inspired collaboration with Ambient Orchestral Composer Marvin Ayres. In January 2010 they release their second MASK album 'Technopia' on R.A.R.E Records (Repertoire) and will be performing in UK and Europe in April - May 2010. 'Technopia' will be Mask's first release since the UK Top 20 Club hit single 'Waking The Dream' in October 2005, taken from their first Album 'Heavy Petal, The Tenebrous Odyssey of Jack and Virginia'.

During 2008/9 Sonja Kristina has been touring with the reformed Curved Air in support of the band's CD release Reborn (featuring two of Marvin's productions) and incorporating music from the first three classic Warner Bros Curved Air Top 20 albums, Air Conditioning, Second Album and Phantasmagoria.

In the summer of 2010 Marvin Ayres will be performing/touring his latest composition 'Harmogram' using 3D sound design, in association with Martyn Ware (Heaven 17/Human League), at major international festivals.

MASK are now preparing for performances in Europe in April 2010

Imagine a post apocalyptic futurustic barren terrain, in which the Mask protaganists Jack and Virginia (from Mask's 1st album 'Heavy Petal') are ghostly lovers who reunite to revisit their darkly passionate relationship from the last volatile years of their past lives. Combining a musical sensibility of Bjork/Elbow/Sigur Ros/Bat For Lashes/Massive Attack, with the macabre darkness of Tim Burton this theatrical and dramatic performance of MASK's music laced with stunning visual (Quaduratura) and sonic effects will bring to life the land and love that is...'Technopia'

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