Sonja Kristina is an enigmatic, sensual and soulful performer, who surrounds herself with original and inspiring musicians and produces albums that are emotional statements about her life and times. Quantcast Quantcast

Curved Air toured UK, Italy and Japan in 2008/09:

Curved Air playing Festivals including Glastonbury then an October Tour .See [LIVE DATES]
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Curved Air 2008 Isle of Wight Festival ~ [PLAY VIDEO]
Curved Air on tour in 2008 at Holmfirth Back Street Luv ~ [PLAY VIDEO]
Harmonics of Love re-issue released and available now on Market Square Records ~ [ [BUY Heavy Petal the Tenebrous Odyssey of Jack and Virginia ]

MASK shows planned November 2010 , ..

Mask's new Album Technopia has been released by R.A.R.E ( Repertoire Records)
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Sonja Kristina interviewed by CHERRYRED.TV

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